Patient Reviews


Dr McCown is awesome and I love how he explains what's going on within the eyes. Who knew that you could see the effects of your blood pressure health with these cool pics that takes pictures of the back of your eyes. Really cool Optomap machine or drops... take my advice and do the cool machine lol. You can learn a lot about a persons health just by the health of their eyes. I'm just waiting for him to come up with the cure for menopause and then he would totally be the worlds greatest doctor. :



Dr. Mayes does an excellent job, explaining the aspects of your individual eye health. When I leave, I always feel well informed. I deeply appreciate the time spent with me, both in the instruction he provides as well as in the learning I take away.

-Zimmer, D


I am very pleased with the administration. They were very welcoming, pleasant, well mannered and accommodating to my needs. I was treated with kindness and respect. They spoke well to my children and handled them with great care and patience. I appreciated their efforts to making our visit a memorable one. Our doctor was just as impressive as his staff.

Iokia, J

It is refreshing to receive services when your provider actually remembers the details of your connection to the organization...this connection delivers a feeling of security that the services will be accurate and supportive to your care needs!

Holland, E

Always friendly, helpful and professional. U guys rock!!! Especially the young lady who helped me pick frames.

-Ryan, N


I was able to get in earlier than my scheduled appointment because I asked to be added to the cancellation list. I was worried about some vision changes and they got me in right away.


It is important to share the best of news about health care providers. These are the first five stars I've given. As close to perfect as you'll get anywhere in my opinion. I have a profound hearing and speech disability. I was greeted at the door with helpful smiles. The technician who began my exam, immediately put me at ease. My examining Doctor understood I use my eyes not only to understand speech, but to paint, too. He was able to make the best improvements based on my activities and lifestyle. As important as all the help with insurance billing and eye health exam is, wearing and using my glasses, or contacts, is the recommended outcome. My tech was knowledgeable and helpful in choosing my lenses and fitting my frames. There were no pricing surprises. My choices were clearly outlined for me. I am very grateful 20/20. What a team! Thanks.

Anonymous 5/5 Stars 3-12-2015



Great service as always. Got an appointment the next day. Ladies at the front desk are terrific and very professional. The technicians are very knowledgeable and polite. Couldn't ask for a better eye doctor. The whole 20/20 Eye family team are great. Highly recommend you check them out.

Ted R. 5/5 Stars 11-22-2015

I hate getting any medical stuff done, including checkups, but I always have a great experience here at 20/20 and the customer service is supreme and the eye care is TOP NOTCH. Thank you for your great service.

Anonymous 5/5 Stars 12-11-2015

My wife was previously going to an optometrist where we had to dedicate approximately 2 hours for a routine visit. This office was a completely different experience; efficient and modern. Plus everyone in the staff was very friendly. I would gladly recommend 2020 Eyecare to anyone!

Chad M. 5/5 Stars 4-18-2015



The staff is amazing, but what I value more is competency. I had a very thorough eye exam with a provider that spent time answering my questions and completed a thorough eye exam. And while this won't impact how your experience will be, I cancelled my first appointment when my husband had a heart attack. Someone at the clinic left a kind phone message on the home answering machine, which actually made me feel more connected with the outside world. I give this clinic a 5-star rating.

Mary G. 5/5 Stars 4-9-2015



Excellent care at 2020. I live in Arizona and I come back up to Washington for my eye-care services. No wait, actually was able to start appointment early upon my arrival. Never will go elsewhere!

Dakota C. 5/5 Stars 2-25-2015



A very welcoming environment that allows each patient to receive the quality care they deserve.

Anonymous 4/5 Stars 4-23-2015



Everyone is pleasant, friendly and professional. The office is attractive and comfortable. They were on time and organized. I have never ever in 43 YEARS of wearing "hard" contact lenses been more happy than I have been with what Dr. Willems has prescribed for me. I see distances great, see computer screens no problem AND I can read small print without reading glasses! It's an amazing gift to me. I will keep going back to this office!

Janice W. 5/5 Stars 4-19-2015



Great experience. First time patient for myself but I have taken my children here. I was very please with my care. It felt like the staff cared.

Kimberly B. 5/5 Stars 3-21-2015



Always the very best in customer service and professional eye-care for me and my family. Thanks to everyone at 20/20 for being our one-stop eye-care practice and for being a part of our community!

Scott S. 5/5 Stars 3-20-2015



 Fast, professional, courteous, friendly service every time! Modern equipment, too. A fantastic place to have your eyes examined and treated.

Martin C 5/5 Stars 10-3-2014



I recently re-located from Silverdale to Redmond, WA. I believe that my continued appointments with Dr Willems say it all given the fact that travel distance is about 35 miles and a ferry boat ride all of which takes about 5-6 hours round trip counting the appointment. Love the office staff also as they treat you in a very respectful manner and always have smiles on their faces which tells me that it must be a good place to work.  

David S. 5/5 Stars 12-10-2015